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I am Alireza Savand, a Software Architect. I created this place so I could write and enjoy.

I should not be given power

Because power will abuse me!
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Alir3z4 • Jul 05 2018 1

About my father!

I don't remember my father, he was a toddler when I left him.
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Alir3z4 • Jul 05 2018 2

My Sourdough Bread Starter made me know the meaning of life!

Well, first and foremost, it didn't, it just was annoying and frustrating.You see, bringing the Starter to life looks to be something simple and I'm pretty sure it is when there's a good environments for the bacterias to shout, party and have fun, but that was not for me, I...
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Alir3z4 • Jul 04 2018 2

You know, I started learning how to bake Sourdough Bread!

I was just watching some videos on youtube, mostly political  and some funny videos. Suddenly there was this video having a good looking bread on it with the title "How To Make Sourdough Bread Masterclass".I mean I do like this stuff, but destiny (Youtube recommendation algorithm) brought me to that video.First...
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Alir3z4 • Jul 03 2018 3

How to get a software development job [positive & minimal]

First a CV/ResumeFirst and foremost you need to create a simple 1 (max 2) page CV/Resume and keep it in the format of PDF, a very short informative CV. Nothing fancy there, you can lookup other developers CV on their website to know how they should look, but something to be...

Alir3z4 • Jun 28 2018 0

Auto-Save mode and Drafting in

Over the past week there have been many new features added to and silently deployed to production servers. However we didn't make any announcement about them yet, we usually let the changes to be in the wild for a wild and then make the announcement, it helps if any...

Alir3z4 • May 19 2018 0

Removing code from backend

The joy of removing old code, destroying code that are not used anymore and apply better code that results in removing lines of code is beautiful.Today I've been doing code removal for 2-3 hours and I guess something around ~2,000 lines of code have been vanished and code coverage is...

Alir3z4 • May 06 2018 0

Is it a bad idea overuse JavaScript and Ajax in your web app ?

Or is there any other alternative?Well, There’s nothing wrong with using AJAX and JavaScript in your web application.In matter of fact, we build all of our frontend in pure JavaScript and all the requests are done via AJAX. Every single thing is done by AJAX on our frontend via JavaScript.There...

Alir3z4 • May 05 2018 0

Around some chain time

Pretty sure when they asked me when did you get tired of technology, I would say around "the bitcoin, blockchain, chain stack, solidity and god knows how many names"  time.What's this seriously!

Alir3z4 • May 05 2018 0

Investors all over the place

I don't know why all these founders pitching their ideas and looking for investors. I mean just have a look at your SPAM folder there are plenty of people ready to invest money just by knowing your name which happens to have @ sign in it. 

Alir3z4 • Mar 07 2018 0
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