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Sourdough Bread #sourdough-bread 2

My Sourdough Bread Starter made me know the meaning of life!

Well, first and foremost, it didn't, it just was annoying and frustrating.You see, bringing the Starter to life looks to be something simple and I'm pretty sure it is when there's a good environments for the bacterias to shout, party and have fun, but that was not for me, I...
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Alireza Savand • Jul 04 2018 2

You know, I started learning how to bake Sourdough Bread!

I was just watching some videos on youtube, mostly political  and some funny videos. Suddenly there was this video having a good looking bread on it with the title "How To Make Sourdough Bread Masterclass".I mean I do like this stuff, but destiny (Youtube recommendation algorithm) brought me to that video.First...
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Alireza Savand • Jul 03 2018 3
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