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I am Alireza Savand, a Software Architect. I created this place so I could write and enjoy. Doesn't Care About your Followers

In matter of fact they don't matter.Chapter: FunLike many others, at least those who preferred a clean, minimal and easy to enter blogging platforms, I decided to try signed up with one click and was able to start writing without any extra noise.Think of an ideaStart writingHit publishDone!I had…
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Alireza Savand • Sep 11 2019 1

Hope can be the most dangerous thing happening to you

When driving, you might give way to another driver and usually the driver would wave a hand, or nod the head or showing something in return, you're hoping for that but once the driver doesn't do any reaction and goes away you feel worst, you look like a fucking stupid…
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Alireza Savand • Aug 16 2019

Long Lost

There are some people that remember their first memory, the very first memory of their awareness of life.I cannot.As much as I try to remember what was my first memory, I can't think of anything, surely there are some, but I'm not sure which one is the first.I can't even…
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Alireza Savand • Aug 16 2019

Faking "meet the deadline"!

You think by producing garbage code, you can fake "meet the deadline"!redesign and throw your "move fast, break things" stupid idea out of this chaotic universe you've created with the code.
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Alireza Savand • Aug 06 2019

Slack please stop eating my computer

Amir installed Slack Desktop on my computer.Amir, staahp!Slack Desktop, STOP, you ate my RAM and CPU.You're a dumb electron app, running another browser inside window, lol.
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Alireza Savand • Aug 06 2019 1

Goodbye pipenv

Thank you pipenv for whatever pain you gave me.I'm going back to pip.Long live pip <3
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Alireza Savand • Aug 06 2019

How to make Facebook Login possible in Django app ?

Have you ever wonder how to make Facebook/Google/Twitter or any other social login that work under OAuth possible with Django ? Here's a list of libraries that will help you to do it.Please keep in mind, some of these might be outdated or no longer work with the current version…
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Alireza Savand • Jul 24 2019

How to set up a PostgreSQL database in Django

You need to install psycopg2 Python library.InstallationDownload, then install it under Python PATHAfter downloading, easily extract the tarball and:$ python install Or if you wish, install it by either easy_install or pip or pipenv.(I prefer to use pip over easy_install for no reason.)$ easy_install psycopg2$ pip install psycopg2$…
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Alireza Savand • Jul 21 2019 1

The Drafts that never got published

The number of draft posts in my blog are easily 5x of all my published posts.You know there are things that I've written here to be published, but never pushed the button to get them to the world.They're not saving the world, they're not gonna change anything, the're simply some…

Alireza Savand • Jun 07 2019 1

Story of my life

Born.Someday to die.Thank you and hope to not see you again <3
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Alireza Savand • May 05 2019