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Auto-Save mode and Drafting in

Over the past week there have been many new features added to and silently deployed to production servers. However we didn't make any announcement about them yet, we usually let the changes to be in the wild for a wild and then make the announcement, it helps if any nasty bugs were hidden in the work while testing on CI or staging servers they would be caught in the production when small percentage of the users are using it.

However, there's one particular feature that I'm working on it recently, Drafting and Auto-Saving. This is a big must in writing, you don't want to lose your data or whatsoever your were writing.

I have made the initial effort and got the actual logic and implementation, but left it unfinished for 4 months just sitting there in a git feature branch, waiting for better thinking and an easier flow.

What I want to get out of it is, I want to have the client side (mobile, web, api, etc...) to have the minimum as possible involvement in this. So far it has been working in this way and I am thinking it wouldn't need much more work to get it out.

Anyway, the scary part is now, after 4 months, I am looking at the code and even though I understand it completely, I just simply don't believe it was all.

Let's work on it until it's all solved.

Alireza Savand • 2018 May 19

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