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Dead, simply non-existence

All those pictures, moments, laughter, anger and sadness are simply ceases to exists once death comes.

I don't know, the feeling was always same.

Someone is in your life, she/he dies and then that complete silence, the fight for not believing what happened and how to deal with it. You can be stubborn as much as you want, but deep down you know what happened  is what happened and there's nothing you could do to bring a dead one back. 

It's sad.

It's brutal.

It makes me full of anger.

Full of madness

Finally I get tired, I stop the fight and let go.

For Walter, the mad man, the one and only one.

I love you and I'll always remember you.

Goodbye, sleep tight.

Alireza Savand • 2017 Nov 23


Irony is even after seeing so many deaths , we , humans still spend our lives gathering "things" , holding them so tightly , like we are going to live to the eternal. Irony just died a brutal death. I can understand the emotional part though , losing someone whom you have loved just like as a one , very own part of yourself.

Stay strong man. The inevitability of death is saddening, especially since we sometimes naively hope it doesn't come near to us and people we love. I hope you go through this with all the strength you need.