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Death Screen, a Doomed Destiny

Usually or occasionally I write on tech, bits, programming, design and other subjects that I’m interested.

While I’m writing, Amir my younger brother is playing with the WiFi Extender, trying to see if he can make the WiFi signal stronger, even though he’s a meter away. He’s trying to get his slow death experience with his new shiny 24" screen more enjoyable. I don’t mind the low signal that I get on my laptop, as long as it gets me to the internet and doesn’t interrupt my workflow. I’m not even connected to the WiFi extender next to me, the main WiFi router in the living room next to the terminal is the one I’m getting my weed from.

My job and hobbies require me to stay a long time working at my laptop’s, I make my living here, bringing food to the table so others can stare at their phone at the dining table and ignore the bread. They won’t notice it easily, they’re busy with their doomed screens, flipping, swiping, tapping, scrolling down the rabbit hole, Alice would be disappointed if she knew about it.

I’m zoning out, I’m lost, I’m alive.

They don’t have to stare at these screens, they don’t have to. I’m the one who has to.

Doesn’t matter anymore.

We’re all fortunate to die.

I just don’t like the idea of dying slowly in front of computers.

Alireza Savand • 2018 Aug 22

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