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Don't take that "Developer Shortage" recruiters are giving to you

Don't take "Developer Shortage" that recruiters are giving to you. 

Just don't!

It's a lie, it's a big bombastic lie, there are more developers out there than you can think of.

Go ahead and make a job posting and you'll get hundreds of applications in a week.

I know some great Software Engineers sending CVs to companies for months with no responses, absolutely no response.

But you know what ? 

You like to think somewhere in some time, there was a female giving birth to a person that has grown up to learn programming and got +5 years of X framework experience and knowledge of 10 different languages and knowing how to work with your company's fucked up layers of abstraction on any software that you have laid your hands on while being fully aware of testing in A, setup in B, deploy on C and and be the ninja in D and god knows how many different specific stuff only your company does.

You want an exact definition of uniqueness, it's like if you let an ordinary developer who works 40 hours a week and gets tons of stuff done into your stupid organization your company would crash with an Integrity Error.

For what ? the  "competitive salary" or that equity of 0.0001% - 0.5% which it means 0.0001% - 0.5% of absolute zero.

No, you're asking for a pony, you're not gonna get it, you can't have it.

If you're that kind of company, sure, why not, go ahead and eat the "Developer Shortage" cake and keep dreaming.

Alireza Savand • 2017 Oct 27


Man, you should see the thing about 10x developers, Ninjas, I don't white shadow walker developer, developers knowing how to pilot a spaceship, Jon Snow type of developers, the list goes on and on :D

lol, they can as well take clay and mold their dream developer. The expectations of companies is becoming unrealistic by the day. Nice one Alireza!