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The Drafts that never got published

The number of draft posts in my blog are easily 5x of all my published posts.

You know there are things that I've written here to be published, but never pushed the button to get them to the world.

They're not saving the world, they're not gonna change anything, the're simply some words glued together by the clues of my mind when writing them.

The more I have drafted posts, the more pressure is on me, it seems the have become a responsibilities now, I hate the fact that I have so many unfinished and drafted posts in my blog that I'd leave them there to just be there and whenever I see them there in my list I hate blogging more.

You know, there are simply words!

They're things, these words are the things that are alive sometimes and most of the time dead as well.

Weep for the stories that never been told

Weep for the words that are dead cold

OK, as much as I got forward with this I get the temptation to leave it in draft.

Maybe I should close my blog altogether and write in notepad and save them in plain text on my computer.

Alireza Savand • 2019 Jun 07


Just close your eyes and think of pipe with captain black dark chocolate tobacco and a slow music, and click on publish button.
That would be the resurrection of things.