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Hope can be the most dangerous thing happening to you

When driving, you might give way to another driver and usually the driver would wave a hand, or nod the head or showing something in return, you're hoping for that but once the driver doesn't do any reaction and goes away you feel worst, you look like a fucking stupid in your own eyes. You've been used ? you wanted to do a good thing and a tiny thing in return, even small as a simply nod is enough, but you didn't get that. 


You're getting disappointing because of your expectation for what you did. Forget about the social obligations and morals, there are not guaranteed.

If you're doing something, do it for yourself and stop expecting a return.

Don't hold expectations, don't get your hopes up.

If you hope for a big bold return, make sure you're also expecting a big bold disappointment as well.

Photo by Gratisography from Pexels

Alireza Savand • 2019 Aug 16

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