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How to get a software development job [positive & minimal]

First a CV/Resume

First and foremost you need to create a simple 1 (max 2) page CV/Resume and keep it in the format of PDF, a very short informative CV. Nothing fancy there, you can lookup other developers CV on their website to know how they should look, but something to be easily readable and quick to look.

To create it, I'd suggest working with CakeResume which let you make a good looking one and even print or export to PDF right away (mine: Alireza Savand CV).

Cover Letter

You surely need a cover letter when to send alongside your application.

It's just 2-3 paragraphs about you and why you're interested in the position or company you're applying for.

How to organize the cover letter and what would be the format is a mystery that no one knows, feel free to be creative and put yourself in the recruiter/employer/HR person shoes and imagine what would be a good cover letter for them.

If you're lazy, you can write a general one and send the same one to any company you feel have a job opening that you can be qualified.

Stack Overflow Jobs

To use Stackoverflow Jobs you need to have a Stack Overflow Jobs profile, it’s just an online CV and it's already connected to your StackOverflow profile. If you want to apply at Stackoverflow Jobs, you need to create one.

Stackoverflow Jobs page (changed some company names to protect their privacy lol)

When applying for any job, your Developer Story and your Resume/CV will be attached to the application as well.

GitHub Jobs

The other place would be GitHub Jobs which has some good jobs as well.

Github Jobs website (changed some company names!)

GitHub Jobs doesn't have a place to actually apply for the jobs built-in. Usually each will let you know how to apply, either via an email or a link to their hire screening application. Startup Jobs

Final place would be Startup Jobs at which you can filter and apply right away. Startup jobs (changed some company names!)

On, you better to complete your profile first, project, experience, companies your worked for and any other information you found to be interesting to employers. 

Oh, don't forget to upload your CV/Resume in your profile as well.

In when you find a job, simply click on on the job and press "Apply" button and include a short description or a cover letter with your request. 

Worth noting, alongside your application is your Resume/CV you've attached in your profile.

Once your application is sent, the job poster will receive a notification and hopefully they show their interest as well and you'll be introduced to each other and from there you'll schedule a time to talk.

From all the above, I found StackOverflow Jobs and AngelList Jobs more responsive and Remote Jobs are more common in

Some tips

  • Hunting for jobs can be frustrating and difficult sometimes, don't give up, it's something normal, keep going and you'll find one. 
  • Having a blog where you write about technology and related stuff would help both when applying for jobs (some will ask you about its address if you have one) and to be found as well (if you have good amount of audience.). You may even contacted by some people at publishing platforms for writing books as well.
  • Have a GitHub/Gitlab/Bitbucket profile to show your open source activity. In most places, they ask if you have one. Although don't have high hopes, even the best code or the greatest projects of yours with millions of stars won't change the fact that you should still pass some nonsense coding challenges. (There are always other talented and great candidates such as yourself.)
  • Some may ask you for recommendations letters or your references, please don't disclose them until you know you have passed all the interview steps and you're about to get an offer. 
  • Don't just disclose your desired expected salary, prefer to know their offer is first.
  • When seeing a Salary range from $X to $Y amount, in 99% cases you'll be offered the minimum point which is  $X.
  • Interviews are mostly friendly, don't get nervous, it's fine to get rejected, there are many jobs out there that you'll find one soon.
  • Keep some water, coffee or tea next to you to if your mouth gets dry or you got thirsty (when doing via skype/etc).

Happy hunting.

Alireza Savand • 2018 Jun 28

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