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Ignoring Django Http404 exception with Rollbar

Rollbar is great tool while developing, it helps me a lot in my work flow. (I like the Sentry interface though).

Recently I've noticed tons of errors getting reported to Rollbar because Django Http404 was raised.

To do this, at settings module I've configured the Rollbar to be like:

    'access_token': os.environ.get('ROLLBAR_ACCESS_TOKEN'),
    'branch': 'master',
    'root': BASE_DIR,
    'exception_level_filters': [
        (Http404, 'ignored')

important part is 

'exception_level_filters': [
        (Http404, 'ignored')


Alireza Savand • 2017 Mar 19


Oh nice, I was looking many places for this, happen to be here <3