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Iranian online communities are doomed, I hate you for ruining it for me

I can't stand a minute of it, it's hateful, it's just propaganda on non stop.

Even normal people with no actual agenda, those who just joined have been turned into it, any new account that starts breathing into internet automatically starts to jump on the boat of hate toward Iran.

Go have a look at Twitter, you'll see unlimited number of accounts pushing their own new kind of warfare, all marching towards one goal. You'll find accounts that are just spreading lies against government and people.

All these are simply pushing an agenda for war, mass murdering, changing government, enforcing sanctions, threatening for bombing.

Iranians don't have a chance on Reddit, open up the communities there, it's all anti-iran.

Bunch of traitors have taken over, sharing, commenting and publishing the same thing every single hour, they have leaders, programs, discipline to push, push, push, push and fucking push to take down the gates of your mind. (/r/Iranian is the one that has not been taken over yet.)

Facebook ? I don't know, I'm not there, I guess there are many like me that think Facebook is dead for social communication or maybe not, but that's not important.

It's just important to know that every single social network you see is already been occupied by bunch of people to find every single thing and turn it into something against Iran.

The internet was never a good place for Iranian, even inside Iran.

I remember when some protests started, there were many Telegram channels exclusively covering it, it's OK, cover as much as you want, but why there should be tutorials and techniques on how to create Molotov cocktail, hiding knife, ambushing, encouraging violence against anti riot police ? You may say "well when violence starts you blow some back" as well? What the hell was going on with videos showing beating the hell of a unconscious police officer on the ground ? The most disgusting part was people re-sharing and cheering for these kind of activities.

Right now, Internet is the most toxic place for them, you open it and the stream goes right up into your mind and existence, billions of bits, filled with propaganda and lies, infecting every single cell of your brain, it all becomes wasted, you become wasted. Doesn't take more than one second that you get hooked into it, you're done!

Don't even try news outlets. Every single one of them is the same as well, in matter of fact both news outlets, either online or offline are competing with these online communities.

Above all, a place where you think people are sharing knowledge such as Quora, it's has been taken over as well (I've been called Mullah Agent and other names just because I commented or answered a question regarding some protests).

There are editors on Wikipedia, like full time employees changing articles, reverting anything you edit if it's not properly set with the propaganda. A simple comparison of some article between English and Persian version would make it obvious.

So when this whole thing got worst? it was when Twitter, Facebook and Reddit started to suspend every account that was not trying to make the same move, if you published or liked an article that was against the propaganda or not simply following it, you were suspended. (They said it was accounts related to Iran & Russia meddling with US elections etc or something). Can you believe that ?

I assure you, contacting moderators on these social networks, administrators, reporting abuse, reporting or whatsoever won't take you anywhere. These social networks are corrupted, just like governments, they're corrupted to their core.

I no longer can go to these places to have a conversation or even like something or even read something, it's just the same thing happening, the same cycle, same routine and same propaganda every day. It gives me more stress, sadness, makes me exhausted and mad.

If you're a foreigner, if you don't know much about Iran, if you want to learn about Iran, whatever you do, don't follow Internet trends, don't learn from CNN, Fox News, BBC or any western outlets, seek people who actually went to Iran and have documented their journey, or even better, visit Iran and learn. No one gonna bite you there.

Alireza Savand • 2018 Sep 07


@Alir3z4 Surely gonna miss the good old days of the internet.

@Palash the social media has become a weapon, period.

Print media has been eased down a little on print media for sure, but it's because the attention is on social media now.

The world has become a slave to US foreign policy and how they manipulate people's view with absolute fake news.

Quora is just disgusting, just like Reddit.

Whatever you have mentioned above is true. There is nothing like "Free Internet". It's all propaganda , everywhere. When it comes to Iran , I prefer to watch Russian news channel RT news only. Facebook is biased , Twitter is biased and even Quora is. Quora has banned all the conservative individuals' accounts. All in the name of free speech. Hell , I don't trust any news anymore. Except the print media.

So freaking true...