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Keeping an online identity

I have never been a person to keep an online identity.

I mean, I cannot set a goal to write a thousands words per month or keep a journal.

Can't write about myself or my skills or thing that I've learnt through day or things I'm so excited about.

I know some people that are very disciplined about keeping a personal website or blog updated with their new things they're learning or into and then link it on their CV/Resume.

The thing is, the main thing is, I don't find myself interesting to write about myself. Either software development, ideas or new experiences I have.

You can hangout with me and I'll be 100% silent and won't talk about anything interesting, I'm pretty boring when I don't have anything valuable to talk about or at least to benefit either myself or the other person.

The same goes in my blog or "online identity"! What do you want me to write about ?

For example. the struggle that I have in my path to learn the Russian language or my workaholic life style ? I don't know, maybe something like how I wake up in middle of night and think of a way to solve the bug that I'm dealing with for a while ?

Maybe I should just make a big deal about how I love to smoke while thinking and holding my coffee outside in the snow! Yes, there're people that can make a big deal out of how they have a strong chain of thoughts and how rainbows and colors are popping in their neurons system while they're holding their coffee in the heavy snow, drown and lost staring to an unknown in distance and inhale the smoke deep down their lungs, fill their blood system with nicotine to get the beautiful satisfaction of their "genuine high best-seller style of writing"!

No, that's the thing!

I can't write in that way.

I don't have the ability to keep a journal.

Call me lazy, non-creative or simply not able to commit.

I simply can't and to be honest don't want to.

I know, I've created a blogging platform myself, but that doesn't mean I should be the rock star in blogging and award winning writer of the generation.

I'm not.

I am not!

You can search my name "Alireza Savand", even if I write brilliant pieces on my blog or personal website, you won't see them in there. The first thing you'll see is Github or Linkedin and then bunch of more online places that I have some activity. (Well, yeah maybe that's my online identity.)

Again, I'm confident keeping an online identity is not what I'm capable of doing so.

What the hell is an online identity anyway ?

Alireza Savand • 2019 Apr 30


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