Forgot Password Doesn't Care About your Followers

In matter of fact they don't matter.

Chapter: Fun

Like many others, at least those who preferred a clean, minimal and easy to enter blogging platforms, I decided to try

I signed up with one click and was able to start writing without any extra noise.

  1. Think of an idea
  2. Start writing
  3. Hit publish
  4. Done!

I had no followers, I just started there, I needed to share on my social networks. I didn't have social identity though, meaning no twitter followers, Facebook friends or even being part of a community. Publishing on my non-existing social media didn't make any sense.

Meanwhile, my articles on Medium didn't have any visits, let's say that made sense (shouldn't have Medium recommend or show my stuff in someone's feed or maybe someone form search engines? that's fine! I'm nobody.).

The articles I've published was about Python programming, I shared it on Reddit and on HackerNews and boom!, I had upvotes there and new readers and visits came through. "Mr. Nobody on Medium" suddenly had people reading his stuff and giving likes/clap/what-ever on Medium, you know what? I got new followers as well. That means my writing would get the attention of my followers as well, yay!

"Oh cool!", I said.

I published some more and repeated the same thing, same result, new likes/claps, followers, reads and comments as well.

"It's working!", I said.

After publishing some more, I've decided to look deeper.

Chapter: Oblivion

Alireza reached ~300 followers by that time.

I decided to publish an article but not share it anywhere, I wanted to know if Medium will bring any readers or give me any result.

Hours passed, days passed and eventually a week passed, nothing! Not even a single read on the article.

Was Medium doing anything? No, they just kept the content.

I shared that article on other places and then I get reads and some comments and visits increased.

Now, it was obvious my readers don't see whatever I'm publishing on Medium, only when I shared it on other places I was able to get new reads and bring visits to Medium.

Chapter: I am out, but I am not going anywhere

No, readers will not see my content anymore, they're busy with whatever Medium was feeding them with their fancy recommendation algorithm. Doesn't matter who you actually follow, the most important figure in the equation is Medium. It decides what should be good for you and what to see regardless of whoever you're following.

It seems there's not much of community in Medium. All viral articles are the ones that the author had a good influence over their twitter of Facebook etc audience.

If you already have thousands on your twitter follower list that you worked hard to find and a bunch of people know you for some of your other work, no matter Medium or a static generated blog, your article will go hand to hand and viral in many cases.

Chapter: GoNevis, Straight outta Rage!

"I'm going build a blogging platform where such things don't exist" -- Said every developer before they started building a blogging platform in 5 days.

I actually did, I built the blogging platform where nonsense data collecting, money-making out of people content, shady business practices and backstabbing people's trust doesn't exist in it.

The final product is not complete as it could be, but it's something I use daily, I develop and extend with other developers.

GoNevis is my blogging platform to give me the taste of original blogging experience, where if you followed someone to read their content, you'd only get their new posts.

If you scroll down from the list of posts published from the blogs you follow, you not gonna see any other thing than the last thing you've read before, done! No random recommended posts that "platform dictates" you should read. No recommendation on that, none!

Of course, I have planned to bring recommended content to GoNevis for a better experience of authors and readers, but only if it actually improves the experience of blogging from both sides. 

Anyway, I'm out of blogging sphere on Medium, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and tons of other weird ones where an "algorithm" decides and dictates my feed. To hell with that filter bubble!

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Alireza Savand • 2019 Sep 11


To bayad sare post hat axe facebook ii khoshgel wa mamosh bezari ta bish tar dide beshan. MERCI Ahhhhhhh

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