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My childhood was ruined by fake puppet cartoons

There was a time when cartoons were good, funny, exciting!

I would watch Tom & Jerry, Donald Duck, many others...

Wasn't this so exciting ?

Then it happened, the puppet cartoons.

My childhood was ruined by fake puppet cartoons!

I knew they're not real!

I knew someone is making them move.

I knew someone is talking for them.

I could even guess who's voice was that.

Thing is, I knew they're just fake!

For me cartoons were more real than those puppets.

Even now, I think those cartoons were real, more real than my life.

Alireza Savand • 2018 Sep 06


@Palash the only problem I have with Anime is the eyes, I don't know why they're so big! It doesn't make sense.

Anime is future. Anime is love. Watch anime.