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My Sourdough Bread Starter made me know the meaning of life!

Well, first and foremost, it didn't, it just was annoying and frustrating.

You see, bringing the Starter to life looks to be something simple and I'm pretty sure it is when there's a good environments for the bacterias to shout, party and have fun, but that was not for me, I was not and still not fortunate to have such playground for the bacterias inside the the simple mixture of flour and water.

Yes, apparently to make the Starter you need 4 things:

  • 2Water
  • Flour
  • Being bored

The 4th you asked, I don't remember what was it.

So I simply have to mix the 100 grams of water and 100 grams of flour and let there.... you can find out how on internet.

Anyway, so this Starter needs at least a place in the kitchen or bedroom or any other place which has a right temperature and you'll be able to have your Starter ready after a week.

Yes, allegedly for a week or maximum 10 days. 

Mine took around 2 months!!!

Many trials, failures, humiliation and sadness and being broke!

Yes, when I was started doing that I was broke too, not that broke, but broke enough to not have enough money to buy flour. Yes, that broke! I'm pretty you have reached that point somewhere in your life and if not, good for you, who cares, surely I don't!

I had to make place for the Jar I was keeping the starter in it, a good bed or sometimes a good view. I would stare at time to time and would get to it once a while to see if our beloved bacterias burped to make those tiny bubbles, but for the first month nothing. I would just notice the mixture goes weird or not be alive anymore!

I don't know how parents can tolerate the slow grow of the kids, that's long! I couldn't get it together to wait a week!

Anyhow, I finally find out the whole thing is about the right temperature because where I live is cold so most of the time the house is cold as well and having that kind of condition is no good for my baby bacterias.

Finally I got it and made some cozy, warm and very annoying hard work to keep that working and my Sourdough Starter got ready.

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Alireza Savand • 2018 Jul 04


It's not like this is the blog of president!
You know, you should see what presidents write in their social media nowadays.

No worries, next time I'll write in press release style :D

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