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I am Alireza Savand, a Software Architect. I created this place so I could write and enjoy.

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How I didn't get my first paying customer!

Yes, you read that right!This is about how I did not or could not get my first paying user.I started working on GoNevis sometimes around April 2016, it was all in my head, later on paper and on May 2016 the writing code and prototype started, later Amir and then...
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Alireza Savand • Jan 08 2019

Embedding Instagram in GoNevis

Should be doable by just pasting the Instagram link.That's pretty much it.That's "Bang o Hashish!"
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Alireza Savand • Dec 21 2018 1

Embedding Twitter in GoNevis

Simply just paste the Tweet URL into the editor and it should work!Yep, just like that!Oh I love embedding these stuff so much.Pretty soon we gonna make GoNevis text editor much more fun!
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Alireza Savand • Dec 20 2018 2

How Embedding GitHub Gist works in

Document.write on Text EditorEmbedding GitHub Gist was painful in the editor for example, you want to embed via:<script src=""></script> That would cause annoying error:Failed to execute 'write' on 'Document': It isn't possible to write into a document from an asynchronously-loaded external script unless it is explicitly opened. GitHub Gist...
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Alireza Savand • Dec 18 2018