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You know, I started learning how to bake Sourdough Bread!

I was just watching some videos on youtube, mostly political  and some funny videos. Suddenly there was this video having a good looking bread on it with the title "How To Make Sourdough Bread Masterclass".

I mean I do like this stuff, but destiny (Youtube recommendation algorithm) brought me to that video.

First of all, I just liked watching the guy talk, so relax and chill. The way he talks about the bread makes you think "he has a deep love for what he does!", so it made me think that "he has a deep love for what he does!" as well.

Anyway, I decided to get into making Sourdough bread as fast as I could.

The first thing first, was making Sourdough Starter! This part took longer than I expected.

I will write why making the Sourdough Starter, something that everyone seems to be making in 5-7 days took a long time and it how it taught me to look at life from different angle. 

Okay, I lied! It didn't change my perspective or any other thing, it just bored me to death and frustrated. Well, hey! what can't kill you makes you stronger! 

Hmm, it didn't kill me and didn't made me stronger neither!

I will get back to this topic tomorrow!  

Alireza Savand • 2018 Jul 03


I hope you could eat the bread and you did not throw the bread away :D
I'm curious to see how the bread looks like ;)))

It was so much fun :D
I will show it to you next time ;)

Good job dude :) <3 XD